your own personal rorschach (diffuse) wrote,
your own personal rorschach

have you read milan kundera's 'slowness?' it might be about time for me to read it again.

one of my brandywine tomatoes was so gigantic that i was able to use it, and it alone, for a pomodoro sauce i made last week, and there were leftovers.

i saw purple rain again for the first time since i was like 6 or 7. so-so movie overall, but now i can't get his music out of my goddamn head.

i started reading michael pollan's book 'in defense of food' recently and i think it's his best book so far, and i'm going to have to recommend it to everyone i know, and hope that they're not annoyed with me, since it's quite likely that i did the same thing after reading 'the omnivore's dilemma.'

i can make turns on my bike with no hands!

you may already know this, but i can walk on my hands (briefly)!

i can't breakdance =(

i can regular dance!

this post is in lieu of what i really want, but don't know how to say.

take these songs for your troubles:

are you completely fucking sick of the knife's heartbeats yet?? i totally was! this live version might help:

jean grae's best song

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