your own personal rorschach (diffuse) wrote,
your own personal rorschach

last night was full of a lot of strange shit and this post is just to document some stuff so i don't forget it (this is mostly in reference to a party i went to).

i think i may have uncharacteristically revealed my internet identity to some people.

i re-met a girl who i'm very attracted to but who is almost certainly not interested in me. very weird that she was there considering the circumstances under which we first met.

saw nate there. that was weird. he was acting ridiculous (in a good way) and dressed in, i think, a leotard?

enjoyed meeting and talking to a random Person From The Internet who i might not have suspected to get along with as swimmingly.

lost my cane and mustache i guess, unless they turn up. easily re-procurable, but the mustache had sentimental value. we'd been through a lot together.

was totally prepared to speak victorian english, but when it was my moment to shine, i was so drunk that i couldn't think of words like 'preposterous' and 'balderdash'.

went to bed sometime between 6;30 and 7am.

that may be the bulk of what i remember.

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