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your own personal rorschach

exiled from nowhere

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my heart



(beingoverwhelmedby)the beauty, 3-iron, absurdist crime sprees, absurdity, amnesia, andrei codrescu, animal collective, being light, beyond civilization, botanical terrorism, breathless moments, brugmansias, cat power, climbing trees, closing time, coffee, coil, community, connections, creation, crows, cut copy, daturas, david lynch, daydreaming, divine moments of truth, dntel, dogville, dreams, drunken poetry, endtroducing, eric drooker, film noir, fish, flowers, food politics, forgetting meanings, foucault, fucking amal, gifting, girl, greg palast, guy maddin, gybe, hakim bey, hal hartley, haruki murakami, healing, hesse, hitchcock, intensity, intheaeroplaneoverthesea, into the buzzsaw, ishmael, jan svankmajer, japanese horror, keeping secrets, kim ki-duk, korean horror, koyaanisqatsi, language games, laughing, league of gentlemen, lettuce bowling, life after god, lon chaney, lucid dreaming, lukas moodysson, magnolia trees, memory loss, michael pollan, milan kundera, modest mouse, mogwai, mr. show, musicwithheadphoneson, my dinner with andre, my morning jacket, nick cave, nietzsche, nonsense, not being serious, octopi, otis redding, our transformation of everything, passionflowers, plants, playing, playing with words, poetic terrorism, radiohead, ravens, raw fish, real food, ricky gervais, rid of me, riding my bike, romantic drunkenness, scaling buildings, schizophrenia, secrets, sensuality, sex lies and videotape, sharing secrets, slow food, smog, spirited away, squirtgun fights, staringateachother, stella, stephin merritt, swans, the evpatoria report, the fairsley difference, the genealogy of morals, the geography of nowhere, the glow pt. 2, the holographic universe, the little prince, the magnetic fields, the moment, the mountain goats, the raveonettes, the shins, the state, the tenant, the wisdom of insecurity, the yes men, the young ones, tom robbins, travelling, trees, two-headed boy, unbearable lightness of being, waking life, ways of seeing, whatweseeinthefire, whispers, wong kar-wai, writing, you

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